The tradition of showing public appreciation to JCS volunteers began prior to 1998, when JCS was still a program under the auspices of the existing Jewish Federation.

Since 2002 JCS has broadened the celebration to include donors, volunteers, and the general public as a way of involving the entire Jewish community.

Volunteers of the Year

2016 John Allen, Barbara and Michael Fischlowitz-Leong, Gail Marcus, Sally Morgan, Simon Vojdani, Estee and Yudi Weinbaum
2015 Jack Epstein, Dina Yoshimi, Hank Trapido-Rosenthal, Dede Guss
2014 Sue and Bob Brown
2013 Sandra and Donald Armstrong
2012 Bernice and Robert Littman
2011 Trudy Wong
2010 Ruth Aloni* (honored posthumously)
2009 Alice Tucker
2008 Deborah Washofsky
2007 Lyn Zukerkorn
2006 Judy Goldman
2005 No award
2004 Leona Weightman*
2003 Harriet Weissman
2002 Evelyn Cherne*

* of blessed memory

2016 Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner
Congratulations to the Honorees at our 2016 dinner.
Aloha Jewish Chapel: John Allen
Chabad Hawaii: Estee and Yudi Weinbaum
Congregation Sof Ma`arav: Sally Morgan
O`ahu Jewish: `Ohana: Barbara and Michael Fischlowitz Leong
Temple Emanu-El: Gail Marcus



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