Our Board

In the interests of representing and reaching out to as many individuals as possible in our community, the Board of JCS includes representatives of local organizations as well as independent members of the community.

The all volunteer Board meets monthly to establish policy, plan programs, review Service Provider and committee reports, and determine effective fundraising methods. All Board members contribute financially and solicit gifts to JCS. They seek to establish appropriate resources for the JCS Service Provider in order to meet authentic and significant client needs for the Hawaii Jewish community on Oahu and the neighboring Islands. Please help them succeed by donating today.

Our current Board members, their positions, and the organizations they represent are as follows:

Steven Guttman, President

Robert Nehmad, Vice President
Member: Oahu Jewish Ohana

Andrea Snyder, Secretary
Member: Temple Emanu-El
Representative, Hadassah

Mark Fridovich, Treasurer
Member: Congregation Sof Ma’arav

Brian Field
Member: Chabad

Jackie Foil, Annual Dinner Committee
Member: Temple Emanu-El

Lorraine Gershun, Annual Dinner Chair, Communications Committee
Member: Aloha Jewish Chapel, Oahu Jewish Ohana

Miriam Goldberg, Service Provider Resource Committee

Judith Goldman, Co-Founder of JCS
Member: Congregation Sof Ma’arav and Oahu Jewish Ohana

Judy Lind
Member: Oahu Jewish Ohana

Gail Marcus, Annual Dinner Committee
Member: Temple Emanu-El
Representative, Sisterhood of Temple Emanu-El

Alice Tucker, Annual Dinner Committee
Representative: Arthur Murray Fund
Member: Oahu Jewish Ohana


P.O. Box 235805 - Honolulu, HI 96823
808.258.7121 - admin@jcs-hi.org