27 2022

Jewish in Hawaii Book Club - A Letter in the Scroll

2:00PM - 4:00PM  

Join Jewish in Hawaii for our Book Club on February 27 at 2PM at Magic Island!

A Letter in the Scroll

The Jewish people have been compared to a living Torah scroll, with every individual Jew as a letter within it. If a single letter is damaged or missing or incorrectly drawn, a Torah scroll is considered invalid. So too, in Judaism, each individual is considered a crucial part of the people, without whom the entire religion would suffer.  The Jewish people have survived catastrophe after catastrophe and remained a thriving and vibrant community. The question Rabbi Jonathan Sacks asks is, quite simply: How? How, in the face of such adversity, has Judaism remained and flourished, making a mark on human history out of all proportion to its numbers?  Written originally as a wedding gift to his son and daughter-in-law, A Letter in the Scroll is Rabbi Sacks's personal answer to that question, a testimony to the enduring strength of his religion.

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