12 2023

North Hawaii Chavurah - Talk by Ralph Menick PhD - ZOOM

3:00PM - 5:00PM  

Ralph Menick PhD, Assistant visiting professor at UMass Amherst, published author and expert on Anti-Semitism will be giving a talk on Zoom this SUNDAY at 3pm for our BI community. He is a friend of Anne Sandler.
This is what he will be covering.  Hope you will join us.

"The barbarous attack by Hamas on October 7 upon Israel in an effort to brutally massacre as many Jews as possible and to take some of them as hostages must not be viewed out of its historical context if we are to understand why this has occurred.  Similarly, the global surge in Anti Semitism must also be viewed in its historical context.  None of this is without millennia-deep roots.  Nor are the personal experiences that we have individually had as Jews in the past and are living through at this moment.  We will explore this as best we can and try to envision where this moment might lead us."

Please email Vivienne Aronowitz for the Zoom link.