Community Impact


Our service provider’s reports and personal stories below demonstrate

the range of community assistance requests to JCS, outreach and results:






JCS assisted an adult with food, transportation and one week of housing at the YMCA.

JCS assisted a single mother with 5 children to secure housing.



JCS assisted an adult male on Kauai to pay for one months’ rent and a food gift card. This man had not been able to work for several weeks prior, due to an illness.


JCS provided support to a person with an extended hospitalization. This included frequent calls and visits.

JCS assisted an elderly man with housekeeping, shopping and food needs during a difficult time of increasingly poor health.

JCS provided support, visits, counseling, communication with friends, family and hospital staff concerning health status and progress.






JCS provided support for a daughter whose father passed away. The father was well known to JCS.


The daughter expressed her appreciation for all the help and advocacy provided to her father by JCS in the past. This included arrangement for home health care, home care placement, visits, arrangements for volunteer visits to this man, counseling regarding end of life health issues and working through decisions to be made for end of life care.









A mother with 3 children contacted JCS. They were in the midst of a serious and devastating crisis. JCS advocated on behalf of this family to the Arthur Murray Fund Board for financial assistance, which was able to help this family in a tremendous way!






A single father with 2 teenage sons attempted to be in business for himself this past year after the company he was with moved operations to the mainland. His business was not working and he found himself not able to pay rent for May. This father did find a job in June but due to commission structure, he would not see a significant paycheck to pay rent for June. JCS helped him pay rent for May and June.











For approximately 7 years, Jeanette A. LeVine Fund (JLF) has helped to house an elderly disabled man that was homeless and living on the streets prior. He is a simple man of simple means. He never had a telephone, lived in a small studio with a few basic necessities.


Recently, after a medical emergency, this man had to make a decision to have surgery to remove a limb or pass away from a serious infection. He initially made the decision to go with Hospice rather than have the surgery. After a visit from the Rabbi on his island and family calls, and realizing his first choice would be a physically painful outcome, he agreed to the surgery.


JCS and JLF will continue to assist this man and work with the discharge planners for his future release. With our help, the hope is that this man will return to the mainland where he can live with assistance and be near family.



JCS continues to consult with a woman in California. She has a 93 year old mother living independently in the Waikiki area. This daughter is very concerned about her mother and was seeking help and advice about home care assistance, independent and assisted living facilities and case management. Resources and referral information was provided.


A man and his girlfriend had contacted JCS. They recently moved to Honolulu from the East Coast and were looking for housing. JCS provided a referral and recommendations for this difficult task. Housing was found and this man appreciated the help.



A disabled man was referred to JCS for help with rent. This man is blind and recently traveled to the mainland to purchase a guide dog. The trip and the purchase of the dog exhausted his savings. Shortly after returning, he was notified that he had to vacate his rental. JCS provided financial assistance for first month's rent and deposit.



An elderly man was the caregiver for his wife, disabled daughter and her two children. His wife had surgery for cancer and started chemo treatment. Shortly after returning home, the wife had a terrible fall and fracture. A couple of weeks later she passed away. JCS Service Provider stayed in touch with the husband offering care and support.



JCS Service Provider has been following and staying in communication with an elderly Jewish man over several years. He is also a JLF recipient. He has been in and out of the hospital recently with declining health. Care, communication and visits are on going in helping to manage his day-to-day living.


JCS assisted a single mother and her young daughter with special needs. The daughter had been kept out of school for the past few weeks and was preparing to return in another district. This mother and daughter live in lower income housing, mom is preparing to return to work when her daughter goes back to school. JCS provided bus passes and a gift card for clothes and school supplies.


JCS Service Provider continues to stay in touch with a woman who has been struggling with a prolonged medical condition.