24 2021

School of Jewish Studies at Temple Emanu-el class calendars. Spring2021


Temple Emanuel 2550 Pali Highway
Honolulu, HI

School of Jewish Studies Spring 2021 Calendar - Please click through on the RED links for more information.


The School of Jewish Studies at Temple Emanu-el has posted their current youth class calendars. Spring 2021 schedules are attached for Nevatim (PreK), Kinder-8th grades (pre b'nei mitzvah), Kadima Hebrew (5th grade), Kesher (8th-10th post b'nei mitzvah) and Confirmation (11th&12th grades) classes. Classes will continue to be virtual.  If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Garcia or Stephanie De Mello at the temple main office at 808 595-7521. Our schedules and more information can also be found on the Temple Emanu-el website at www.shaloha.com and the Temple Emanu-el Honolulu Facebook page.     ​

Contact: Rachel Garcia, Temple Emanuel Religious Education Director   

Email: sjs@shaloha.com Phone: (808) 595-7521