“From Capitol Hill to Hawaii’s Jewish Community: A Look Forward”

Senator Brian Schatz, November 15, 2020

Although so much changed in 2020, the JCS Board of Directors, Service Provider and Administrator are proud we could follow its tradition of bringing together the Hawaii Jewish community in November and gratified by the response.  While we could not gather in person, a Zoom event expanded the opportunity for people on all the islands, and even from the Mainland, to participate.

JCS extended an invitation in February to Senator Brian Schatz to speak at this annual gathering –and he said yes. Only the venue changed.

More than 180 people signed up in advance and had the opportunity to submit questions. After making his opening remarks, Senator Schatz answered questions ranging from Covid-19 in Kauai to reuniting children separated from parents; from Georgia to Israel; from cooperation in the Senate to vulnerable Pacific Island populations in Hawaii – and much more.

Senator Schatz is a great speaker, informal but to the point.  Listeners appreciated that he didn’t “duck” any questions, didn’t take them lightly and was respectful to all the questions asked. He knew he was speaking with a supportive Jewish audience and provided a thoughtful and insightful dissertation to that audience.  

A common reaction was the presentation was comforting, the questions and answers were right on target and made participants feel hopeful again. His knowledge and candor was a ray of hope in these troubled times.

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