JCS - Needs assessment survey in the Hawaii Jewish Community

As a person who has an interest in the Jewish Community in Hawaii, we ask you to participate in this survey. JCS - Hawaii are conducting a study of the needs of Jewish individuals and families in Hawaii, which is being funded by the Harry and Jeannette Weinberg Foundation and carried out by Ward Research and Carolann Biederman Consulting, both in Hawaii.

We have asked the many Jewish congregations and organizations in Hawaii to distribute this link to the online survey as widely as possible. Participation is voluntary, of course, and is fully anonymous. But participation from the community is also crucial to determining the needs of the community and to plan accordingly. Please click the link below to take the survey.


It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete the survey, and we are asking for only one survey per household. If you are on the email lists for multiple organizations, you may receive the request to participate multiple times. But you need only participate once.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate. It is important that we all have an opportunity to identify our health and human service needs, in order ultimately to improve the quality of life for our Jewish community.

Your support and assistance is sincerely appreciated.

JCS Jewish Community Needs Assessment Online Survey: FAQ’s

Q.           To whom should we distribute the survey link?

A.           We want to survey as many people in Hawaii who self-identify as Jewish, so please distribute to your email list(s). We are interested in full-time and part-time residents, but we would ask you to screen out any who are not in Hawaii for at least a few months a year, if at all possible. We want to include those who are members of congregations, as well as those who you communicate with but who may not be members or affiliated.  And we are very interested in including all Jewish people in Hawaii, which includes the unaffiliated, so please distribute the link widely.


Q.           What if someone has trouble with the link?

A.           We have a “help” service for technical assistance, so anyone experiencing difficulties can email us at wrsurvey@wardresearch.com . This address is shown at the bottom of each screen.


Q.           Some of those on our list are not comfortable with technology and responding online. Can we get hard copies of the survey for them to complete?

A.           Yes, just let us know at JCSNeedsAssessment@wardresearch.com , and we will mail you a packet with hard copies of the survey and postage-paid return envelopes. Be sure to tell us how many you will need.


Q.           Do they have to answer every question?

A.           We would certainly prefer that, so that our data is as complete as possible. But we understand if some questions are left blank because they’re not sure how to answer.



Q.           What if some of the people on our list are also on the lists at other congregations and organizations, and they get multiple requests?

A.           They only need to complete it once. And only one per household is requested.


Q.           Can they save the survey and go back to finish it another time?

A.           Unfortunately, given the constraints of the way we needed to distribute this survey, there is not an opportunity to save it and come back to it later.


Q.           Should everyone in the household complete a survey?

A.           No, only one per household. But it is okay to do the survey together, if desired.